Monday, May 31, 2010

You Know What They Say About Men Who Wear Bow Ties. . .

"I should have listened when my girlfriends told me never to date a man who wears a bow tie.  And look at the atrocious color!" 
"Where's his other hand?"

"Oh No! Now he's spinning it and waiting for my reaction!"

"It's a good thing I thought to bring my Mad Money!"

Here's what Clarice didn't see.  Didn't I tell you yesterday?  Put Hollywood on it and everyone will buy it! 

Virtually undetectable.  Except, of course, for that gigantic red motor sticking out of your neck.  No one will ever know.  Made in Hong Kong.

Here's another novelty item totally unrelated to the others.

"Children will love clipping their nails this new fun way."
Useful.  Safe.  Attractive.  Decorative.  Made in Hong Kong.
There is even a removeable plug on the back foot (feet?) for those errant nails.

What is the reason for featuring these quality items, you ask?  Why, it's a shameless plug for my Etsy store, again!  Surely you know some discerning individual who is looking for useful, attractive items?  No?  Well, then, how about "gifting" someone with them?

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