Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Darn It! I've Lost the Rubber for My Mushroom!

That ought to get a lot of traffic directed to this blog!  Shown below is something today we look at and wonder Why?  Why mend socks when you can just go buy another pair?  My socks always develop holes in the toes, not the heels.  If there is a hole in the heel there is also a corresponding hole in my foot.
The rubber was a rubber band--probably a large o-ring--that fitted into a slot around the edge of the wooden "mushroom".

It looks so simple to do in the illustrations, but darning was and still is a boring thankless job.  Well, maybe not so thankless to the one with the sore feet!  Oh!  This is also useful for repairing cigarette burns on that good wool suit.

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