Thursday, May 6, 2010

Follow Up to I Need Support!

After I posted this I found some more items.  For your enjoyment:
Doesn't everyone dance around the house and listen to records wearing only a bra, girdle, hose, and shoes?
Bored with plain old hose supporters?  Try something entirely modern--Inviz-A-Grips by Gemco.

And here's how you use them.  Check out this ad from 1937.  Oh Boy!  Here's the patent.

So what do you do when you develop a run and you don't have any clear fingernail polish in your purse?
The Realsilk Mending Kit

Use an Arrestor Wand.  No, you don't wave it at the run.
Here's a neat ad from 1941.  It seems the company went out of business in 1999.

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