Saturday, May 29, 2010

THe Hollywood Cocktail Facial

Today if you search for "Milk Pak" on Google all you find is Nestle Powdered Milk sold in Pakistan or a food supplement for livestock, but in 1936 it was a different story.  The maker of this fine beauty product was Alberto-Culver, Inc of Hollywood, California.  I can find nothing of this company's early existence on the web.  Even the official company website says it was founded in 1955, which we all know is not true, as this little packet of Milk-Pak would not lie.  Wikipedia says the same thing.  I could not find anything in the patents section, either--probably because it is listed under the inventor's name, not the company name.  I learned way more about blackheads than I want to know.  Anyway, enjoy this little item from a time when putting the name "Hollywood" into anything made it worth buying.

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