Monday, May 17, 2010

Amazing Needlework!

Just look at this beauty!  It is new work and I scanned it full-size on my 8-1/2" x 11" scanner so you could see it close up.  I was browsing an antique mall and found a bookcase full of these.  The proprietor was close by so I asked what country they were from, thinking China or another low labor country.  She said they were made by two ladies in Romania.  There were doilies of several sizes and some large tablecloths, all with this wonderful needleweaving and crocheting.  I just Googled "Romanian crochet" and found this website.  It seems this is called Romanian Point Lace and is from Transylvania.  The "grapes" are formed of bullion stitch.  Here is an explanation of the origin and a slide show.  Be sure to look at the other slide shows at the Lacis site.


  1. This was very enlightening. Thank you so much for sharing such wonderful information.


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