Saturday, May 22, 2010

Demented Dishes, Rotten Vegetables, and Depressed Tableware

Honestly, does that face make you feel happy?  Is this something you would wear to keep the children out of the kitchen?  And what about these faces?

What do you suppose has happened to mommy plate?  Did the monster tureen kill her?  Are the spoons being kidnapped?
Why is Mr Plate so angry?  And check out Bat Garlic.
Mr Rotten Red Pepper is making some sort of indecent proposition to Miss Lettuce and love is in the air with the sugar  bowl and tea cup.

The peas are just hanging around , the beets are dancing, and the teakettle is oblivious.

They all live on this vintage badly printed apron from a disturbing time in the past.  If you wish to become more intimately acquainted with these characters the apron is available for sale at my Etsy site. (shameless plug)

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