Sunday, May 16, 2010

Hang It All!

Today another non-sewing-related item.  I found this at an estate sale this week.  In wonderful shape and shiny and clean.

Although the patent date is 1926, it wasn't granted until 1928, so should say Pat Applied For.  Jacob Strand, of Stransky Products Corporation, invented this and, at the same time, also invented a pushpin to hold the hanging picture away from the wall, although I do not have any of those.

A little looking around netted me this patent.  It seems the Pat date is for the CARD, not the hangers, but the patent number is for the hangers.  Confusing.  So it seems this card is from after 1928, then.  Anyway, it was a good invention and can still be found today.

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  1. Hi! You might be interested to know that Jacob Strand is the father of Paul Strand, the American modernist photographer!

    I'm researching Strand for a museum exhibition, and was so glad to have found your blog entry and photographs of the hooks. I'd known that Jacob Strand made his money marketing products but I had no idea what those products were until now. So thanks for posting!


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