Friday, August 19, 2011

(Limited) Grand Opening of The Sewing Palette

I have been waiting since April to tell you all this!  There have been a few bumps and delays along the way, but a new selling venue for sewing patterns and needlecraft books will be opening up on Monday, 22 August 2011 from the folks who run Pattern Rescue.  My patterns sales at Etsy have flatlined, and I am slowly moving patterns over here after they run their 4-month course on Etsy.  I have linked you to the buyer's page so you can all sign up and be ready for the Grand Opening.  There will be a few weeks for testing the system and working the kinks out before the advertising push begins and the Official Grand Opening after Labor Day.  The category pages will be up ASAP, so you will have to browse a bit to see everything right now.  So get in early if you want the best choice of patterns.  And spread the word!

Update 25 August 2015!  The Sewing Palette is now closed.  Due to illnesses in the owner's family, it never really got off the ground and faltered to a stop earlier this year.  Sad news for me, because now I have to move all of my patterns over here to sell them.  Look for them in the tabs at the top of the blog.  I will be slowly adding more - starting with children's patterns.

Update 2021:  Sadly, the Sewing Palette had to fold some years ago due to illness.  It was fun while it lasted!