Thursday, July 29, 2010

Everything's Under Control

Still organizing my closet and rediscovering wonderful things I forgot I had.  This two-piece beauty was bought for only $6.00 at an estate sale.  It doesn't look like it was ever worn.  You would put on the girdle first and then the bra and then hook it together.  No muffin top or skin squeezed between long line and girdle.  I think it is made of nylon or some other miracle fabric.  Just imagine the creaking and clinking sounds when the wearer bent over or sat down.  Kind of like a ship in full sail.

First we'll look at the inside of the bra.  There is underwire around each satiny pointy cup and, on the inside, a soft pink furry plushy fabric.  This fabric is also on the inside of the straps.  Comfy!

Note the straps are not adjustable.
There is a sweet string of appliqued flowers on the front, and folded nylon edging.

The girdle is boned and zips up the side front with more of that plush on the underside of the placket and around the upper inside edge.  Hooks and eyes fasten before the zipper so no tender flesh is caught in the zipper.

Here is the back.

Elastic panels on the sides  and bottom front and a few gussets at the top of the girdle.  Of course, hanging suspenders for the stockings.  These would have to be the extra long stockings.
I would date this set from the 1950's when slinky dresses closely followed the New Look, when girdles like these would not be necessary under those gigantic circle skirts and crinolines.  You did need a sturdy waspie, however.  I don't have one of those.

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