Sunday, July 4, 2010

Necessary Support

More underpinnings today.  These run the gamut from 1870 to the 1940's.  First up, my favorite garter.

This is brass wire wrapped rubber with a notation "Patd Nov 29-70" on one end.  I don't know the manufacturer.  This is a below-the-knee garter to hold up socks or short hose.  (By the way, innocent searches on "sock garters" develop into porn quite quickly.  And then there's this.  You can thank me later.)

These garters are silk-wrapped rubber with an early plastic or celluloid closure.  These were over-the-knee garters and were worn well into the 1960's.  I remember my aunt wearing them.  They gave you freedom from garter belts or girdles.

This is a sweet pair, still in the gift box, from the 1920's. Of metallic, iridescent ribbon over elastic, these are so cool!
Shoulder pads came into prominence in the 1930's when suits and blouses started sporting extended shoulders.

Here's our old friend, Warren's, again, and below.  The first one is wired all around to REALLY keep those sleeve caps up.

I'll finish off with some red, white, and blue for the Holiday!

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