Thursday, July 8, 2010


There was a new wonder product in the 1940's that was beginning to be used for everything --latex rubber.  I'll bet you're wondering what this is.

Well, wonder no longer!

Seems like a lot of trouble to go through to keep your blouse tucked in until you remember that slips were nylon.  Blouses were nylon. And what is the chief attribute of nylon?  Slipperiness!

Here is the box.

As if that is not complicated enough, check this out.

See that line in the middle of the box at the waistline?  This pulls out and pulls the blouse out of the skirt!  See the skirt by itself, below.

Read those instructions.  Getting dressed in the morning involved prepping the night before, apparently.

These are still in pretty good shape for a rubber product.  I can't say as much for the blouse tender.  Maybe because it's "live".

To finish off, here is a product to keep your feet in your shoes while wearing slippery nylons.


  1. Great post. These are amazing looks into a time gone by.

  2. And don't forget the garter belt for keeping your hose up! There were snaps, buckles, belts and all kinds of rubber and metal beneath those beautiful clothes.

  3. How well do I remember them and the pull-on panty girdle, and eventually pantyhose--all in my junior high school days. I do have a fancy garter belt/panty combination from the 1920's - - somewhere.


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