Saturday, July 17, 2010

Common Sense and the Wizard

So I don't keep you in suspense any longer, the Wizard is a cuff fastener.  Here is a link to the patent.  Here is a link to a ridiculous fabrication with a stupendous asking price.

Here is another one - the Common Sense, patented Dec 29, 1885.  It's inventor, Lucien Alexander Stillwagon, was born in Washington Twp, Putnam, Indiana in 1856.  He lived in Bowling Green, Clay, Indiana in 1880 and was a Dry Goods Clerk.  When he obtained his patent he lived in Greencastle, Putnam, IN.  He married Clara and had Lucy and Fred by 1900.  They were living in Glenwood, Mills, Iowa.  In 1910 they were in Indianapolis, Clay, Indiana.  By 1920 Lucien and Clara were living in Denver, Denver, Colorado.  Neither one was listed on the 1930 census.  I hope he made enough from his invention to have a nice retirement home in Denver.

Below is the Snugfit Collar Button, patented May 11, 1915, Mfd by Weichman Mfg Co, Youngstown, Ohio.  It is meant to hold down the stiff, separate collar in the back and be perfectly flat.  Other back collar buttons are like two buttons with a shank between them, so not very flat.  A discussion of separate collars and collar buttons can be found here.  A previous post showing my wonderful ladies' collar and cuff set is here.

These are 1" wide and 3/4 " long, and here is the patent.  While researching this I ran across the following website question and answer.  Look at the question and then read down a few answers.  The actual son of the inventor chimed in!

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