Monday, August 2, 2010

Blended Smoothness and Dragging Weight

This is a Bien Jolie Brassiere #20035.  Research shows this was made by the Worcester Corset Company of Worcester, MA.  It has silk satin ribbon straps, a pieced lace top boned and gathered to gathered pink silk, and a heavy lace bottom.  I don't think anyone noticed that the cameos are all upside down.

Here is an ad from 1916.  The descriptions sound like they might be made of similar fabric.

Here is an ad from 1914.  Mmmmmm.  Blended smoothness.  No unnecessary bumps.

Here is an ad from a New Orleans paper of 1920.  One certainly does not want the "dragging weight of an unconfined bust"!

And a store ad from a 1928 Australian newspaper. (I love the internet!)

Hmmmm.  I see that the entire picture did not copy.  The brassieres were on the bottom.  Oh well, you can see what else they sold.

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