Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Another Shameless Plug

"Jane, I've got the best idea!", Ann whispered evilly.  "See that couple over there with the horrible matching sweaters?  Let's try to break them up!  We can do it, we've got our granny square bikinis on underneath our clothes today."

"Make sure you swish your skirt !"

"That ought to get his attention away from that matching sweater freak."
"Oh, look!  There's Olivia! Are those leather pants she's wearing?"

"You're the one that I want you karma chameleon, you!"

The above illustrations are from some knitting and crafting books I just put in my Etsy store.  The following just didn't fit into the story line but are equally worthy of mention.

Remember when you were little and would wait eagerly until the next McCall's Needlework and Crafts magazine came out and your mother bought it?  Remember all the strange little things you could make out of odds and ends like paperclips and hairpins?  Who thought up all of that weirdness like twig sculpture

pebble and macrame jewelry

toys made out of apricot pits

knitted lions wearing clothes

giant hamburger pillows?

(that skewer looks dangerous!)
And then there's the beautiful.  I love this sequinned Chanel jacket.

Say what!!??


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