Sunday, August 29, 2010

Baby Cat Needs A Blanket

Baby cat went looking for a blanket.   He found this yummy seamist green one.
But it was wayyyyy too big for him.

Then he found this nice sea-shelly one.

He like the colors but it was wayyyy too big.

Then he found this nice stripey one.

He liked it very much, but it was still wayyyyy too big.

He tried another stripey one.

It was smaller, but still wayyyy too big.

Then he spotted this one!

Just  Right!

These baby blankets made by my Mom are so pretty and soft it makes you want to have a baby!  Ummmmm,  no thanks!  She's frustrated that my brothers and I didn't produce enough offspring to satisfy her knitting and crocheting needs so she just keeps making blankets in the hope she can find some babies to give them to.  The blanket closet is getting a little full so she gave some to me to sell on Etsy.  They will be available shortly for all your baby cuddling needs.  Buy one for yourself!

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