Thursday, July 26, 2012

Maidenform Dec-la-Tay

This Maidenform brassiere features a plunging front and back and nice cup shaping.  The lace is backed by cotton netting and the seams are flat-felled.  The straps are pretty insubstantial silk ribbons and the back is elastic.

 This can be dated to around 1933, as the trademark for Dec la Tay was filed in June and secured in November.

Lookie what I found!  

Article image

Here's an interesting tidbit from the Wikipedia article on Maidenform:  " They named the company Maiden Form, a deliberate contrast with the name of a competitor, "Boyishform Company".[33][52] Maiden Form routed Boyishform by 1924, accenting and lifting rather than flattening the bust. In 1927, William Rosenthal, the president of Maiden Form, filed patents for nursing, full-figured and the first seamed uplift bra.[53]"


  1. This one is so pretty. I finally found a 30's Kestos one (the kind where the elastic wraps around and buttons to the front) to add to my collection the other day- super happy!
    Tupney x

    1. Nice! I'm guessing that one would be quite rare to find in the US. I saw lots of information online about it while I was researching.


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