Sunday, September 26, 2010

Poodley Poo

What could be more ubiquitous to the 1950's than  poodles?  Poodle accessories?  Or poodle wallpaper?
Or this?
I think it looks more like a llama.

This lovely accessory and even some pekingese abominations are to be found in this American Thread Co Star Gift Book No 140, now available at my Etsy store.  If you're really into poodles, don't overlook the dishtowel and the other craft book.  Just put poodle in the search box when you get to my store.
Incidentally, the hat above is called a "Jibber" in the instructions.  I have no idea why.  Different definitions for this word lead me to sailboats, stealing, balking, blogging, snowboarding, and Mr T.  Anyone have any idea where this name came from?

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