Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Glorious Potpourri of Crafting

I am in the process of putting some new old manuals in my Etsy store and I'm giving you a preview in case there is something that you just have to have.

First up is one I know you'll want.
This is the original--not the repro I've seen on Amazon.  You can tell by the original price in the corner.  Very good manual for making hats circa 1944.

Another one that features hats is this Woman's Day Annual from 1947.

Lots of inspiration here, plus doilies, mittens, gloves, sweaters, etc.

From the Domestic Sewing Machine Company for making over and mending.  No date, but this was encouraged during WWII.

A pamphlet from 1943.

All about Talon products new in 1968.
Knitting for children and babies.

Don't let your babies eat yarn.

Frightening clowns.  Why was that little guy playing with elephant poo?

Beautiful doilies.

Ubiquitous Poodles!!
How-To Books.

This one from 1966 features lots of RED!

And more weird hats and weirder purses--perfect for all those made with love especially for you, faery wear, steampunk, burning man Etsy crafters. (Not saying any of you are like that!  I've been reading a lot of Regretsy posts lately.  Warning!  Not for the easily offended!)

Give me some time to get them all up.  If there are any that strike your fancy, let me know before I put them up and I will Reserve them for you.  I haven't set any prices yet, so bear with me.

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