Sunday, March 28, 2010

Making Tailored Buttonholes and Other Things

I was curious as to who this Marjorie Eastman, who was clothing specialist for the Michigan State College Cooperative Extension Service, was.  I found a listing of all her published works here.  It seems she started publishing pamphlets and books on sewing in 1929.  Here is a newspaper article from 1951. 

According to the Minutes of the Meeting of the (Michigan) State Board of Agriculture, May 18, 1944, there was an annual meeting of the American Home Economics Association in Chicago, June 19-24.  The college sent 10 people from the Department of Foods and Nutrition with an allowance of $10.00 each and eight women, including Marjorie Eastman, department not specified, also with a generous allowance of $10.00 to be paid from Extension funds.  It should be noted that in this document there were many men going to other meetings and conferences with their way paid in full or mostly in full.  Another interesting tidbit is that two Physics Instructors were earning $224 and $225 per month.

Not finding a biography of her online I finally found mention of her as a surviving relative of Dr Lois Gannett in 1955.  She was still being called "Miss" Marjorie Eastman, and the way the obit was worded led me to believe she was a niece of the deceased.  I looked up Lois on the 1870 census and saw she had a brother named Seymour.  I looked up Seymour in 1900 and BINGO!  There he was with his wife Editha and children William, Margery, Rodger, and Helen.  Margery was 4.  So next I went to the Social Security Death Index and found this:
MARJORIE EASTMAN 13 Dec 1895 Apr 1991 (not specified) (none specified) 371-46-3588 Michigan

Then I went back to the 1930 census and found her vacationing with several other teachers in a hotel in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.

See, now?  You've learned how to make buttonholes and also how to find someone using online resources.

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