Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Cotton Netting and Silk Bibbed Early 1910' s Dress

 Here is another fashion orphan I rescued.  I believe it is nearer 1910-1911 than later owing to the length and breadth of the skirt, the natural waistline, and the set-in sleeves.  What is missing here is an under-bodice.  I believe the bib front and back were attached to a sash, and possibly a short peplum, as the dress is see-through.  The material is cotton netting and the cream-colored silk is beautiful.  It would also have been worn with a matching slip.

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Here is a detail of the waist fastening.  In this model the skirt fastens in center back, so the bodice has to snap around to center back from the left side front.  The lone snap you see is for the sash.  Once again, the dress is built on a well-fitting boned belt.  The underbodice was probably boned, also.  There may also have been a silk underskirt.

Beautiful detailing on the front bodice.

Here is the back bodice. 

Sleeve detail.

The belt closing.  Here I show it on the side, but it goes in the back.

You can see by the side seam that the opening goes in the back, not on the side.  The silk trim is still in beautiful condition, so not weighted silk.

If anyone is interested in purchasing this garment for study or reconstruction, please contact me.

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