Sunday, January 8, 2012

1940's Yarn Sample Book

While going though some old magazines from my stash today I ran across this F & K Yarn Company sample book.  There is no date on the catalog, but it is from the 1940's, judging by the fashions.  It looks like they were pitching door-to-door sales by housewives here. I suppose they had "Yarn Parties" and pooled their orders.  Anyway, it's fun to look at the amazing variety of wool and silk yarns that were available at the time.

I couldn't find anything on the F & K Yarn Company, but on one of the pages that I didn't reproduce here, their advisory board shows that Jane Franklin, Leading Authority in Hand Knitting, was their Chief Instructress, and on another page was listed J A Keller, Prop.

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  1. Not sure if you check your old stuff anymore, but it's wonderful you posted this yarn sample book with pics! I've read descriptions of Zephyr and Germantown yarns, but could not picture them in my head without examples. Voila! Thank you, thank you very much :) wonderful.


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