Saturday, January 8, 2011

Interesting Sleeves

I like patterns that have something different than the usual read-to-wear stuff.  The patterns below all have very interesting sleeve variations that make sewing vintage so much fun.

These have the seam on the top.  I just love this pattern!

This example is seen a lot in 40's dresses.  There are usually pattern pieces for shoulder pads, too.

Here is a nice sleeve that was on one of my favorite 1980's blouse patterns, too.

Of course, I had to include dolman sleeves.  This was a favorite suit of mine.  The t-shirt is simple to make and looks good in most fabrics.

Another dolman for that classic slouchy no shoulders 1950's New Look.  This one is cut in one with the bodice.

This bow would look good if you have a long neck.

Another one of my favorite patterns.

The buttons and tabs are sweet.

Another dolman with a raised waistline.  Waspie definitely required!

Silly picture aside, this dress makes an interesting strapless effect in contrasting fabrics.

These are all available in my Etsy store.

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