Monday, April 26, 2010


Sorry for the blurry photo, but I scanned this and the jewelry sticks up too high for a good scan, so I'll transcribe:
A New Creation
Patent Pending
The Perfumette is the very latest creation.  "Just drop a drop" or two of your favorite perfume thru the parforations to the perfume pad inside of the Perfumette.
"The Odor Lasts"
High grade White
Gold Filled Chain
What more can I say about this sexy little subterfuge?  "Hey Honey!  What is that lumpy thing on your chest?"  The alligator clips go on your slip or brassiere straps and the pad thingie hangs in the valley.

Here is a picture I "stole" from a recent auction for a similar item, but after they got their patent.  I cannot get to the patent document with the numbers listed, however, but this shows that this item was patented in 1928.

Mine is in better shape, but he has a better camera!  This one went for $14.99 on ebay and I found one on GoAntiques with a blue enameled chain listed for $75.00 without the card!

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